Mount Doug Springs
We do Bottled Water better!


What does it mean to have "Better Water" ? 

Thanks for asking! This is our favorite question!

Doing "Bottled Water Better" takes time, effort and patience to get you the freshest, cleanest water on the market in Victoria BC today.

How do we do it?
ANS: It's actually quite simple if you take the time and have the right equipment.

 Sure, ok, it's cleaner and "purer", but what makes it better?
ANS: We've discussed quality, now let's talk service.

 I'm interested in trying your water, but what about those long contracts that the "big boys" use contracts to keep me roped in.. does Mt. Doug Springs do that?
ANS: NO CONTRACTS! No, simple as that. We believe that our product and service speaks for itself. We don't need any contracts to keep our clients, we beleive that superior product and superior service is really all it takes to keep our clients. (oh yeah, we also have the best prices in town as well!)


Wes Treleaven
Mount Doug Springs

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